What’s New in Plickers

新版 Plickers 已于2018年9月发布。整个网站发生了大变样,手机端APP也发布了新版本


  • 支持题集(套题、题组)(Question Sets)。
  • 新的试题(题集)编辑器,支持快捷键和随机选项。
  • 每个班级有个班级主页。
  • 崭新的手机端APP。
  • 直接在网页和手机上使用。
  • 新的试题外观效果(需付费)
  • 基础版面费,高级版付费(plickers pro)。
  • 更好用的记分册(Scoresheet)。

以下是官方说明《What’s New in Plickers》

Question Sets. Sets make it easier to plan lessons and topics. Set reports track student totals across questions.

Create questions faster in the new Set Editor with keyboard shortcuts and shuffle.

A Home Page for each of your classes. Manage your queue and track recent results at a glance.

Brand-new mobile apps. Faster, easier scanning. Browse and play from your Library. Plus improved iPad support.

Play on web and mobile — direct from your Library or from your Class Queues.

New easier-to-read question-view. Customize your layout with plickers pro.

plickers pro. The basic Plickers will always be free. For teachers who need to do more faster, there’s plickers pro – with instant images, layout templates, unlimited scoresheet, and no set limits. From $6.74/month.

New faster and easier-to-use Scoresheet. Jump between days and weeks with a click or a key-press.

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